C.I.O.S. Group is one of the most significant groups in the waste management sector in the region, operating in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Founded in 1991, the Group represents a regional market leader in the collection and processing of various types of waste materials. At more than 60 sites in the region, it processes annually approximately 750,000 tons of waste, and employs 1 thousand 3 hundred workers.

C.I.O.S. GRUPA Ltd is the governing company of C.I.O.S. Group members. Owners of the C.I.O.S. Group has invested significant means in building of an unique network of recycling centres, in development and employment of quality staff, and in the installation of the most advanced equipment for metal scrap processing and waste management, aimed at raising efficiency of metal scrap processing and yielding higher quantity of secondary raw material.

The seat of C.I.O.S. GRUPA Ltd is in Zagreb at Josipa Lončara 15.

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